Maybelline - AI Controlled Blaster Pistol


Modded NEXT PL840.a Medium Laster Pistol (aka “Blaster”)

From The Worlds of Android sourcebook:

Known colloquially throughout the military and prisec communities simply as “the blaster”, NEXT Design’s PL840.a is the first mass-produced, man-portable laser weapon to enter the market. A refinement of NEXT’s larger, more dangerous vehicle-mounted focused energy weapons, the PL840.a is a relatively sturdy, short-barrelled weapon the size of a large caliber hand cannon. It provides excellent power and accuracy thanks to a sophisticated AI monitoring environmental conditions, but suffers from overheating and excessive energy consumption. While it is rare among the rank-and-file troops of the world’s military and prisec communities, these weapons are gaining popularity among specforces and black-ops units.


This blaster pistol has been modified by its owner Arthur “Fishhook” Kingston with some special features to enhance its capabilities and power output. He had assistance from his bioroid friend Rook F47E2A whose insight into engineering and AI helped to make this weapon unique in it’s class.

Function Aspect: It’s a Freakin’ Laser Gun

The mere fact that this weapon shoots a highly-focus beam of energy makes it more powerful and accurate than a regular projectile weapon, not to mention the onboard AI that monitors environmental conditions to provide optimal performance and information to assist the shooter.


Better Than Bullets

The AI controlled laser blast provides a +2 to Shoot attacks when the attacker has a clear shot at the target.


The alternate, jury-rigged revolving set of high-output power modules allows the shooter to fire two shots in once Shoot attack once per Scenario.

Flaw Aspect: Overheats

Flaw Aspect: Jamming

Maybelline - AI Controlled Blaster Pistol

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