The Crew

Arthur "Fishhook" Kingston is the front man and weapons expert for the team. He's suave, he's charming, he's got a gambling problem a mile wide, and he can kill a fly on a wall from fifty paces with a wide variety of firearms. If all you've seen in his good side, you probably think he's a nice guy. You'd be wrong.

G00dw;11 is a street kid, knows them like the back of his wiry hands. He's the best damn runner this side of 248th Street, and he does it all with his homemade tech. Never once bought something off the shelf, unless it was to take it apart just to see it tick. Networks, servers, gadgets—he knows 'em all inside and out, and if he doesn't, he knows somebody who does.

Rook F47E2A used to be a military medic unit, and was scheduled for deconstruction when he questioned the US Space Exploration Corps about his own freedom. Instead, he was saved from an untimely demise by the streetwise hacker known as G00dw;ll, and now owes the young man an unfathomable debt. Curiously philosophical for an android, Rook is always trying to understand why, and working to understand the deepest nuances of human and synthetic life alike.

Eva "Pandora" Koslowska worked with the three above on a single job. It was a simple thing; Pandora was supposed to take control of the radio tower and hold open the network door so that G00dw;ll could take control of a Weyland-owned satellite, and pass it back to The Garbage Man's sysop. The job went south when security showed up too soon, and somehow Pandora skated out untouched, while the rest had to fast-talk their way out of a serious situation. An anarchist with a wild streak, Pandora knows just what to say in any situation, and always gets her way.

The Crew

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