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FATE of New Angeles is a cyberpunk RPG using the FATE Core game engine. The primary GM is Kylen, a self-published author; he will also be primary control of Rook F47E2A, a bioroid ex-military medic and EMT with a penchant for cracking safes and physical security. The two players are Andy (also backup GM), in control of G00dw;ll, a young and wild "runner" (hacker) obsessed with new technology and puzzle solving; and Kevin, in control of Arthur "Fishhook" Kingston, an ex-military Captain from the US Space Exploration Corps, turned gambler, front man, and playboy.

Coming off a failed job, these three unlikely friends have one chance to save their reputation (and their lives): break into a small company named Geotech Limited and hack their protected central server for a data packet—but this job has a twist they're not expecting, and it's going to be a lot harder than they think…

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