FATE of New Angeles (GetcherGeekOn)

2299-08-09 (Part 2)

A Change of Plans

Fishhook looked up and down the street. Time to set this plan in motion.

His PAD pinged, just as he was about to make his final approach to the front door of Geotech. He almost ignored it—could it really be that urgent?—but instead he checked the notification. Just in case.


He stopped dead in his tracks. Well, then. No sense in taking unnecessary risks.

Instead, he immediately went to Plan B. Turning on his heel, he headed for the apartment complex across the street from Geotech’s front door. Certain that the roof would give him the vantage point he needed for observation, all he had to do was get past the doorman. There didn’t seem to be any other physical security, but the guard out front dressed in a suit, wore dark sunglasses and sported an earpiece, not unlike a government operative.

It wasn’t long before Fishhook spotted a resident going into the building. A paper receipt slipped out of her pocket as she climbed out of the cab, and he retrieved it without being spotted. That gave him a name—Billerica—and now he had an excuse to be there.

He waited an hour, just to be certain that the doorman would not immediately suspect him of following her inside. At last, with casual grace, Fishhook approached the doorman.

“Good morning,” he said affably. “I’m here to see Ms. Billerica.”

“I’ll buzz her,” the doorman said, reaching for his earpiece.

“Oh, no need for that,” Fishhook said with a disarming smile. “She told me she’d be napping about this time, and asked me to tell you not to wake her. I’m just dropping off this data packet—” he held up a small data storage device “—for her review, and…”

The conversation went better than he’d expected. The doorman warmed to his manner quickly, and Fishhook’s charm went a long way. By the end of a short conversation, he knew that he hadn’t just achieved his goal—he’d made a connection that could be used later.

The doorman buzzed him through, and Fishhook made his way up to the roof. Carefully ascending the floors via the stairs—the cameras in the elevators would be impossible to avoid—and at last emerging on the top floor of the complex. Silence filled the hallway, and he made his way along it, searching for the roof access point.

He found it at last, and put his hand on the latch. Just as he did, he glanced both directions—and spotted a camera he’d missed in his initial survey of the hallway, staring directly at him.

“Damn,” he muttered, slipping through the door and heading up to the roof. He brought out his PAD and shot off a short message.

<11:29:31> Fishhook: Spotted by a camera in Riverview Apt Complex. Could complicate things. Top floor, north side. Just outside roof access.
<11:30:07> G00dw;ll: On it

Finding the perfect spot, Fishhook settled in for a long day of observation. This would take a while.

New spot, new proxy, new routes. G00dw;ll hunkered down with his console. He was almost reluctant to go into another system anywhere near Geotech right now, but they couldn’t afford to be caught if Pandora—the more he thought about it, the more certain he was just who they were up against—decided to go snooping around in the same place.

He fired up a new set of protocols and located the Riverview Apartment Complex on the Network. It didn’t take him long to find their servers, verify his pathing, and set up a probe to figure out what kind of security they were keeping on their network.

They had several servers—data, environmental controls, lighting controls, electronic locks. Why would an apartment complex have a system that would let management lock tenants in their apartments? he wondered briefly, but discarded the thought. The last server was a massive data server to hold all of their security footage. Target acquired.

Viewing the server’s details, he spotted the ICE with barely any effort. A Haas-Bioroid mass-produced Gyri Labyrinth subroutine. Ha. No problem. He guided his icebreaker through the outer edges of the randomly-shifting protocols of the Gyri Labyrinth, and once they reached the core, he let his program do its work. It installed an exception for his proxy, and just like that, he had full access to the security camera system.

With the exact camera location that Fishhook had provided, G00dw;ll quickly found the appropriate camera and spliced out the few seconds of his cohort’s appearance with a loop of empty footage from the quiet hallway. Adjusting the time-stamp was child’s play. When he finished, not a single trace of anything strange remained in that camera’s data.

Hm. G00dw;ll thought, once his task was completed. Wonder if there’s anything else I can do with this system while I’m here.


These are great. Keep up the awesome work.

2299-08-09 (Part 2)

I am riveted! Can’t wait to see what happens next. OH wait…. that’s up to us. :) I smell a published RPG book coming out of this content, if not a full-on novel. Andy, you should get in touch with Fantasy Flight asap.

2299-08-09 (Part 2)
Kyellan Kyellan

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